About the Creators!


We are a husband and wife team that strive to bring your vision to life.

Alexis and Warren have been together since 2013. She is from New Jersey, he is from California, and (with a little help from the Air Force) they built their life together in Maryland. They have a son named Oliver, a daughter named Emilia, two cats, one dog, and two hermit crabs their son lovingly named Barbeque and Barbeque.


Alexis is a music lover of all genres.(Mainly a metalhead) She works part time for stitched sound magazine which allows her to follow two passions at once. She has a slight addiction to caffeine & tattoos. She loves Halloween and wish it could be fall all year round. Alexis is still in the Air National Guard as a Medic and EMT. She also has a passion for fitness and is a personal trainer. On her free time she loves to go Rock Climbing, hiking, host game nights, and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Warren. She absolutely loves traveling and meeting new people. She hopes to continue to expand her friendship circle around the world.


Warren is 28 years old and from Sacramento, California. He’s been in the Air Force since 2008, and has had the pleasure of living in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Maryland, Virginia, and Wyoming since leaving home. He loves sketching, watching film reviews, and getting tackled by his toddlers any time he’s given the opportunity to do so. He’d rather spend a night at home alone and with family than in a large crowd, and would happily die drowning in coffee. If you meet him, he will be kind, respectful, and likely won’t address you if you have a dog with you that he’s allowed to pet.